African American Journeys
Tours to celebrate African American Heritage.

Body, Mind, Spirit Journeys
Tours and independent travel dedicated to self discovery and internal strength

Casino Traveler
Dedicated to those who love to travel and gamble

A global marketplace for people with disabilities

Dedicated to creating opportunity for success among people with disabilities

Diversity World Traveler
Dedicated to helping people with disabilities travel throughout the world
Business and Technology consulting for all businesses anywhere

JWCE Books
Paperbacks, Audio Books, Hard Covers and more for reading pleasuree

JWCE Cruises
For those who like to cruise the world by yacht, ship, barge and more

JWCE Foods
The JWCE-iest snacks, cookies, chips, natural goodies and more

A job site for all

JWCE Looks

The latest fashions from shoes to dresses and even those undergarments ofr ht eJWCE-iest looks

JWCE Marketing
Global Internet Marketing of any and all products

A great site to get tips andleave comments on any topic

JWCE Tours
Custom and Pre-Designed tours form all vendors throughout the world

JWCE Travel
Custom and Pre-designed independent and group travel throughout the world

JWCE Vision
designing television channels only they're JWCE-Vision channels available on the net

My Travel Network
An international directory of tour and travel operators

Rotor Communications
Interactive Broadcasting, entertainment and more
A full service travel agency

YouTube like channel for funny and usfule commercials

Travel Tweet
Get great deals, discounts and offers on travel products around thr world via twitter and mobile messaging