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Diversity World Traveler Answers the Call!
Dec 6, 2007

Las Vegas/London - Today Diversity World Traveler answered the call ignited by articles released in Travel Weekly by upping the ante in the expansion of its services to a world market. Diversity World Traveler, a company dedicated to assisting people with disabilities to travel anywhere in the world has already helped travelers from those visually impaired to hearing and mobility impaired travel on safari in Africa, tours to New Zealand, travel via train through Europe and enjoy the variety of offerings in the United States and Canada.

Diversity World Traveler was founded in 2003 by Jeffrey W. Cohen, former President of Maupintour and who has worked for other travel organizations, when he himself suffered from his lifelong battle with Glaucoma.

"I have traveled to over 60 countries while I had normal vision in my one good eye. When it developed blind spots and I lost my reading and some mobility vision, the next three trips I took made it blatantly obvious that people with disabilities needed a different base of information in order to enjoy traveling. I took it upon myself to begin the journey of building an organization that could do this in any location for any person with any disability that was also backed by experienced travel people who apply the information properly and created Diversity World Traveler.", said Mr. Cohen, President.

Diversity World Traveler has compiled information from hotels, airports, airlines, transportation systems, activities, cruise companies, tour companies and more building one of the world's only travel information databases designed to give exacting information on a component basis. Instead of generalizations, specific information about wheelchair sizes, clearance, Braille availability, roll out showers, aisle sizes on airplanes, attendant availability, guides and more can be accessed by staff to assist travel agents and consumers to plan their trips. DWT offers three types of services allowing people to determine how much assistance they need in the planning and allows travel organizations to resell their services and pays commission. DWT has the reservation and destination experts and information to assist anyone with special needs even if they aren't disabled.

There are three travel service levels and an emergency 24/7 program available from Diversity World Traveler. DWT Also offers training for selling to people with disabilities, performing customer service to people with disabilities and technology consulting in order to help companies provide a website that properly supports the visually and hearing impaired as well as mouse-less users.

AbilityNet's head of accessibility Robin Christopherson, himself blind, said: "The majority of Internet sites are inadvertently imposing a technological lock-out on those of us using non-standard solutions to access our computers."

Contact them at assistance@diversityworldtraveler.com with your questions and requests.

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