Disability MarketplaceTM
Empowering people with disabilities to success.
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Disability Marketplace will accomplish its mission by providing the following services:

  • To provide education via Online Video training through Learning Management System (LMS), in-person seminars and distributed pamphlets, books, audio training materials and other resources.

  • To assist people with disabilities to develop, patent, copyright, produce, manufacture and promote their products.

  • To provide an E-commerce platform where their products and services can be sold to people with disabilities and others whereby the platform is completely usable by any person with a disability.

  • To provide a central employment area for posting, resumes, reviewing job opportunities, assisting with resumes and job placement and to provide employment support in the way of training and assistance.

  • To assist organizations, corporations, schools, governments and others to comply to US ADA 508 provisions in order to allow people with disabilities to take advantage of their services, products, information, websites and application processes.

  • To assist employers and potential employees with the understanding of how to work together in different environments and workplaces.

  • To provide a complete social network that is usable by all people with disabilities which links in to the most popular social platforms like twitter and Facebook allowing people with disabilities to participate in the world network while also focusing a central location for people with disabilities to find common ground, support, share personal experiences and seek others with similar challenges to support each other.

  • To provide financial support in the way of merchant services, lines of credit and purchasing power through strategic partnerships or application assistance allowing people with disabilities who have poor credit or simply need larger credit facilities to expand their opportunities for success.

  • To provide consulting on all areas of business including marketing, business formation, legal services, employment issues and more

  • To recruit businesses into partnerships of any kind to increase the opportunity for success for people with disabilities.

  • E-mail us or call and let Disability MarketplaceTM assist you in improving your lifestyle.

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