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Become a volunteer

Disability MarketplaceTM is looking for volunteers of all types. If you would like to be a mentor, write blogs, write articles, help with the operations of the organization, assist with programming and technology or prepare video training please let us know.

The following is a list of task assistance we are seeking. If you have an idea for additional services we can offer or have a skill you think can help us please email us with your ideas.

If you would like to volunteer with any of these please email us by clicking here.

  • Being a Mentor to a job type

  • Being a Mentor to a person with similar disability

  • Being an Ambassador

  • PHP Programming

  • Video production

  • Training material Creation

  • Writing articles

  • Writing Blogs

  • Conducting Product Reviews

  • Conducting Location reviews

  • Fund-raising

  • Sponsor Acquisition

  • Consulting

  • Marketing

  • Legal services

  • Accounting services

  • Photography

  • Videography

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